EPL Diamond: A Synonym for Excellence in Jewelry

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“EPL Diamond” isn’t just any jewelry brand; it is a tale of persistence, expertise, and exquisite craftsmanship woven over the past 25 years. From its inception as a forward-thinking experimental lab for diamond cutting, EPL Diamond has metamorphosed into a prestigious international jewelry powerhouse.

The hallmark of the EPL Diamond brand is its exclusive and patented “Firing Ice” diamond cut—a spectacular testament to the skill of their expert cutters. It is a technique so intricate that only the top 0.01% of diamond raw materials qualify for its creation, making “Firing Ice” diamonds not just jewels, but treasures coveted by connoisseurs across the globe.


A brand firmly etched on the world map, EPL Diamond boasts a sprawling network of over 120 retail outlets in prominent locations such as the USA, Cyprus, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mongolia, and Kyrgyzstan. This extensive presence underlines the brand’s robust reputation and the trust placed in the quality of its products.

Beyond the luster of its diamonds, EPL Diamond understands the diverse needs of its clientele. From the sheer convenience of nationwide delivery across the USA with an additional in-store pickup option in New York, to the financial flexibility afforded by installment payment options, EPL Diamond ensures that its customers enjoy unparalleled service and satisfaction.

Celebrating over a quarter-century in the industry, EPL Diamond’s journey from a modest production lab to a global jewelry brand is nothing short of inspiring. It’s a narrative proudly shared by hundreds of dealership partners and franchisees, each operating a thriving venture with the support of EPL Diamond’s esteemed legacy. This enduring partnership is not just founded on the brand’s success but is also a reflection of the timeless elegance and enduring value that EPL Diamond brings to the world of fine jewelry.

Discover the Elegance of EPL Diamond Collections

EPL Diamond Collections are an embodiment of beauty and sophistication, bringing forth an array of exquisite jewelry that caters to the diverse tastes of its clientele. With a reputation built on quality and innovation, EPL Diamond offers a spectacular variety of collections, each with its own story and aesthetic appeal.

Introducing the Firing Ice Collection
Perhaps the most distinguished of the EPL Diamond Collections is the Firing Ice Collection. This exclusive line showcases the patented “Firing Ice” diamond cut, a dazzling innovation that epitomizes the zenith of diamond brilliance. Each piece in the collection is a symbol of the brand’s dedication to perfection and luxury.

The Classic Collection: Timeless Beauty
For those who appreciate the enduring allure of classic designs, EPL Diamond’s Classic Collection offers timeless pieces that exude elegance. From stunning solitaire engagement rings to meticulously crafted necklaces, this collection is designed to turn everyday moments into lasting memories.

The Trendsetter Collection: Bold and Contemporary
EPL Diamond is also abreast with modern trends with its Trendsetter Collection. Aimed at the fashion-forward individual, these pieces incorporate contemporary styles with bold lines, offering a perfect blend of modernity and glamour.

Romantic Collection: A Celebration of Love
Celebrating the essence of love, the Romantic Collection by EPL Diamond features delicate designs that capture the heart. These pieces make for the ideal gifts, whether commemorating an anniversary, expressing affection, or even popping the question.

The Couture Collection: Avant-Garde and Exclusive
For the ultimate luxury experience, the Couture Collection brings avant-garde designs to the forefront. It is a haven for collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike, where each piece is a work of art, reflecting the highest level of craftsmanship and exclusivity.

Experience the Allure
More Collections of EPL Diamond are available for you to explore and find the perfect jewel that speaks to your personal style. With the convenience of nationwide delivery and an option for in-store pickup in New York, adding an EPL Diamond masterpiece to your collection has never been easier. Each purchase is a passage into the world of refined taste and timeless elegance that only EPL Diamond can offer.

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